What are the sports to lose weight with a healthy diet and some fun

Who wouldn’t like to find a sport to lose weight with enthusiasm and fun? Our society imposes aesthetic standards with filters and bodies sculpted with effort.

The trends and stereotypes that affect the aesthetic sphere also influence the field of sports. Crossfit for the youngest and more powerful, or weightlifting for the new generation of machos: but does it really have to be this way? Absolutely not: sports to lose weight while having fun do exist!

May they be traditional or in the process of being discovered even among the younger, there are two sports that combine fun and the pleasure of being surrounded by nature. The sports for weight loss that we will talk about shortly are suitable for everyone and for all ages. They allow a controlled dosage of fatigue and are activities to do in company too.

These sports represent a good opportunity to combine diet and physical activity in order to lose a few extra pounds. They allow you to slim down and tone the adipose areas of your body. In short, they are the best sports to lose weight because they help you to keep fit while having fun in the city or in the mountains.

Nordic Walking among the best sports to lose weight

Ever heard of Nordic Walking? It is a sport born in Finland in the 1930s. It helped skiers to keep fit during summer. It later arrived in Europe, to establish itself as one of the sports for weight loss and toning.

sport to lose weight
sport to lose weight

Nordic Walking takes a simple action like walking and elevates it to a sporting level. Making steps becomes valuable for your health thanks to the use of poles with a particular handle. The Nordic Walking poles, in fact, are characterized by a lever system that facilitates your grasp on them during the walk.

Among the reasons that make this sport not only good for losing weight and toning but also incredible for general health, there are:

• Improved posture

• Prevention against back pain

• Help against osteoporosis

• Friend of the heart and the cardiovascular system

Practicing Nordic Walking also allows you to train the upper part of your body, with beneficial effects for the shoulders and pelvis. It is a sport for weight loss that can be practiced even from an early age. It does not require a specific setting; all you need to do Nordic Walking is a flat and compact ground.

Don’t you feel like trying some Nordic Walking?

What you need to do Nordic Walking

This is the best sport for weight loss because it uses a very simple technique and requires minimal equipment. It consists of comfortable clothing, good sneakers and poles with good value for money.

Here the Nordic Walking poles we recommended

Here there are some of the best poles on the market without spending too much money:

How to learn the Nordic Walking technique

Especially at the beginning, our advice is to learn the correct technique with an instructor. There are many online courses to take while being in the comfort of your home, but be careful: on the internet, everyone can be an instructor.

Trekking is also one of the best sports to lose weight and tone up

Among the best sports to lose weight while having fun there is also trekking. Trekking is a sport linked to “slow walking” intended as a means of carrying out various types of routes with a certain amount of fatigue.

Did the work “trekking” cause you to have a vision of strenuous paths towards an indefinite peak? Don’t worry about that, that’s not necessarily the case. There are, in fact, many trekking routes depending on your training and your level. To approach this sport, the first thing to do is definitely buy good trekking poles.

The best trekking poles on the market

You may be wondering why use walking poles. In fact, it is very important.

The use of poles allows you to dose your weight during the journey. They help you keep a correct posture and be more dynamic. Thanks to the trekking poles you can adjust your breathing and your pace.

Trekking is an excellent sport to lose weight while having fun because it gives you the opportunity to focus on the beauty of the route you are following. Keeping your fatigue under control thanks to poles allows you to concentrate on everything that surrounds you.

But what are the best trekking poles on the market? These are our favorites.

It’s moment to start with trekking

The next step is to choose a path for your level. If you are not an expert, you shouldn’t choose a difficult path.
Our advice is contact an expert guide can help you to choose a perfect path for your beginning. Isn’t it a sport to lose weight while having fun?

Once you have prepared a light backpack, you are ready to go. Then take your poles and start walking. The technique is simple: move your legs and poles in alternately.

On flat or uphill ground, the poles should be kept slightly inclined. On the way down, take your poles in front of your body. In this way you can use your poles like a support during downhill.

What is your sport to lose weight while having fun?

Nordic Walking or trekking: what is your sport to lose weight while having fun? Both activities really allow you to free your mind and enjoy your life. Isn’t it the top? Ultimately, poles and a little practice are enough.

Sports to lose weight exist. It’s time to start walking!