Beach Nordic Walking, the new trend for summer lovers: dream or reality?

For someone it is winter, for those who love the warm weather it is certainly summer: every season is perfect for Nordic Walking. The hills, the trails or the roads are not the only natural enviroments in which it can be practiced. Even the beach can be a pleasant place to do it … some tips to get the most benefit from it.

Nordic Walking on the beach

Nordic Walking on the beach? Someone think it should be called Beach Nordic Walking, someone else simply called it Beach Walking with poles. For us, Nordic Walking is a sport characterized by a specific technique that can allow you to exercise more then 90% of your muscles even during a splendid sunrise or sunset.

Although Nordic Walking is suitable for many environments, it requires flat and compact surface. The sand may not be suitable for this, so the question is: can you do Nordic Walking on the beach properly?

The answer is yes, especially in case you are a beginner here some suggestions. The sandy path, in fact, can be a useful for a first approach to Nordic Walking. Your first steps on the beach can help you become aware and understand the way your feet move and fill during training.

Ok, you have done some practice. Now what? Take a pair of Nordic Walking or Running shoes and choose a more compact and flat terrain. These characteristics are helpful for a correct execution of Nordic Walking.

But what does it take to practice it? Keep reading on to get ready for a great workout!

What you need to do Nordic Walking even on the beach

Comfort is always the best choice. Comfortable clothing is therefore a must. Try to avoid important weight on your shoulders: a simple fanny pack is enough for your mobile and house keys. Do not forget your waterbottle in case the walk will be long and weather warm. Hydration is important.

Let’s talk about the poles. The Nordic Walking poles have the handles that allows you to grip them properly during the push and release them partially during the recovery. They are equipped with a specific Nordic Walking strap, which keep control of the pole in the various phases of movement.

Try to choose a comfortable textile, better if breathable material but not too weak.  Much better if there is also a functional release system that allow you to remove the hand from the grip with just a movement of one finger. The grips with natural cork are usually more appreciated for the comfort…make sure is cork and not a plastic which looks like.. very often some products can be made by plastic hard compounds or plastic dangerous for your skin.

Tips and walking pads are the final parts of the Nordic Walking poles. Obviously, there is the tube, sometime in aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber plant, fix length (classic) or extensible, to complete the product.

There are really many models of Nordic Walking poles on the market. Simple or even digital;  here some important aspect to consider, such as height. We recommend adjustable poles for the correct posture of the spine and to adapt the size for the different trails (asphalt, of sand for example).

If you are a beginner:

If you have already done some practice and want to improve your technique:

How to do Nordic Walking on the beach

The Nordic Walking technique takes advantage of the natural characteristics of walking. The use of specific poles allows you to train also the upper body. The Walking cycle, the push, the grasps, and the recovery are some of the actions that characterize this physical activity.

The characteristics of the beach can help you test your skills. The softer ground yield more heavily on the muscles, improve your lower-body circulation, and help to keep a balanced step. The walking on the sand  makes you feel the movement of all the muscles of the foot. In this way you can feel better your body during Nordic Walking.

According to many Google results, the resistance of water up to the ankles is great for cardio-circulatory work. We suggest to avoid the Nordic Walking in the water unless an instructor is present.
The possible slope and lack of compactness are not suitable for a proper Nordic Walking.

In case you have wet your poles with salt water, we recommend you wash it with fresh water and let dry on open air. Never collapse your telescopic poles, specially in aluminum alloy, when they are wet, specially from salty water.

Let’s summarize

Is it possible to Nordic Walk on the beach? Yes, especially if you are a beginner and need to fully learn the technique of this sport. What do you need to do it on the beach and elsewhere? Comfortable clothing and good Nordic  Walking poles.

Then add good will and enthusiasm and you get a recipe for a fantastic exercise! Nordic Walking is truly a sport for everyone and for all ages.

In addition is good for the body, it is perfect for the mind, inner balance and it is scientifically proven it has a multiplier effect when it is done in great outdoor environments.

Come on, it’s time to get ready and do some Nordic Walking!