Also this year Gabel supports the Hike & Fly event, scheduled for 12 June 2021.

Second Edition

After the success of the first edition, held at the end of summer 2020, Hike and Fly repeat itself and returns to make mountain and free-flight enthusiasts work and fly. In fact, on 12 September Hike and Fly attracted 65 pilots, coming from all over Italy but also from Poland and Switzerland, to participate in this Montegrappa Edition. A little less than a year later, given the great success of the first edition, the 2nd edition of the event kicks off, scheduled for 12 June 2021.

Hike&Fly: what is it?

Hike and Fly Montegrappa Edition is a non-competitive sporting event that takes place in the foothills of the Grappa, which combines trekking and paragliding. A sport with almost zero impact, as the athlete to reach the launch area, must rely solely and exclusively on himself, covering the difference in height on foot. Hike and fly, in fact, for a combination of discovery of the territory, sporting challenge, and fun. A 360 ° immersion in the local area, first crossing it from the base, experiencing it firsthand, and then having the honor of observing it from above while flying with a paraglider. This year’s route winds through the Santa Felicita Valley, climbing an overall difference in height of about 980m, covering a distance of 7500m. The last part of the route flanks and, in some places, crosses the trenches of the First Great War, making the hike even more impressive just before arriving at Col Campeggia, the take-off area. From here the athletes/pilots will be able to take off with the paragliders that they will have carried on their shoulders up to there, remaining in flight as much as possible respecting the deadline for landing. The landing area, different from the departure one, is located at the Garden Relais hotel restaurant, already very popular with pilots from different countries.

Gabel and Hike&Fly

Also for the 2nd edition, Gabel renews its sponsorship at the Hike and Fly event. Gabel believes in events that reinforce culture and respect for the territory together with physical activity. Gabel stands will be present at the start and finish line and prizes and discount coupons will be provided for participants in the event.