Born in Scandinavia as summer training for cross-country skiers, Nordic Walking has now become popular all over the world as a new form of low impact fitness exercise with significantly greater health and fitness benefits than regular walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming. People of all ages and fitness levels find Nordic Walking a great sport or pastime that can be enjoyed individually or in a group along beaches, through nature reserves, in suburban parks, and even on city footpaths.

Nordic Walking encourages wellness of both body and spirit and has many benefits demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. These benefits are achieved through the use of specifically designed poles and with the learning of a proper Nordic Walking technique. 

10 good reasons

Here are 10 reasons why Nordic Walking is good for you.

1) Activates 90% of the body’s muscles

Nordic Walking poles turn normal walking into a fitness activity helping you engage the upper body including arms, back, shoulders while improving coordination and posture. You activate only 40% of your muscles if you walk without poles.

2) Increases cardiovascular workout by up to 25%

Nordic Walking improves aerobic endurance, stimulates arterial and venous circulation, and prevents the insurgence of cardio-circulatory disease.

3) Burns over 45% more calories compared to regular walking

paired with a proper diet, Nordic Walking helps burn excess calories and maintain or lose weight preventing overweight and obesity. According to recent studies, an hour of Nordic Walking will burn 600-900 kcal compared to just 240 kcal burned by simply walking for the same amount of time. 

4) Tones upper arms, shoulders, back and leg muscles

Nordic Walking poles are designed to engage your upper body in such a way that you will exercise the muscles that otherwise would not activate with a simple walk.

5) Develops core strength, balance, and coordination

the Nordic Walking technique associated with the use of the poles, helps you maintain a stable and rhythmic pace while exercising abdominal muscles, back muscles, and the muscles around the pelvis.

6) Reduces load and strain on joints

The poles provide support and discharge the body’s weight to the ground alleviating the fatigue of walking and relieving stress on elbows, wrists, ankles, knees, and hips.

7) Helps ease neck and back pain

the Nordic Walking technique improves the lateral mobility of the spine strengthening it and maintaining it healthy.

8) Promotes a healthy upright posture

the use of the poles straightens your back and improves upper-body mobility. Be sure to adjust the poles to your right size.

9) Prevents osteoporosis and helps with rehabilitation

Nordic walking is recommended in the post-traumatic rehabilitation of the lower limbs and helps treating health conditions like Parkinson’s, joint pain, heart diseases. Nordic Walking also prevents osteoporosis: muscle action stimulates the production of the bone matrix which is important to increase endurance and reduce the risk of fracture.

10) Boosts your mood

Nordic Walking is affordable, fun, and can be done anywhere by anyone. Its practice leads to immediate and lasting psychological well-being reducing anxiety, depression, and the sense of loneliness.